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Sagrada Corazon Medical  ISO Certified Medical Clinic International Organization for Standardization Industrial Clinic 
Sagrada Corazon Medical & Allied Services Center Inc., had its humble  beginning last 1998 after it had acquired accreditation from the Department of Health  (DOH) and the Securities and Exchange Commission. Its main service as a Medical  Clinic is to provide pre-employment medical examination for land based and sea based  crewing agencies.  It initially operated with few staff and equipments that are enough  to meet the basic requirements for an accurate medical evaluation.  However, due to  an increasing demand of the clinic’s services and satisfied clients, its infrastructure and  organization expanded to include the acquisition of new medical equipments and  installation of an efficient computer network system.   After a year of operation, the clinic made the provision of Quality Pre-  Employment Medical Examination services as its main trust.  Culture of quality  permeated from the management to the rank and file as the clinic Lloyds Quality  Assurance Register. Continuous improvement in the different areas especially clinic  processes were implemented.  The concerted effort of everyone made the possible  adjustments in ensuring that quality is relived in the clinic easily.  In order to meet the challenge and demands of becoming at par with global  standards, efforts to promote quality, sustaining improvement and aiming to become  one of the best in the field are the main goals.  Continuous efforts to improve have  been undertaken with inclusion of Quality Assurance Officer in the main structure in  the organization.    On the year 2001, SCMCI has persisted to be one of the foremost medical clinics  in the metropolis in providing pre-employment medical evaluation to majority of the  crewing agencies.  To date, its services has expanded to include provision of annual  Mobile Medical Examination of reputable companies like Mitsubishi and pre-qualifying  medical examination for maritime schools and training centers like Fareast Maritime  Training Center. It was also during this year in which the company had opted to  transfer to the 7th floor of GLC building. It’s a bigger space that could accommodate all  patients in one floor area without going up and down the other rooms. This has made  service to clients more accessible and easier to accomplish.   It was also in year 2001, in which the company decided to acquire a modern  Drug Test and Chemistry Analyzer and an Automated CBC-Hematology Machine, Stress  Test Machine and Ultrasound Machine. Through the application of such technology, our  services became better in terms of service speed and accuracy.  In the year 2003, the clinic has decided to transfer it’s certifying body from the  Lloyds Quality Assurance Register to the SGS (Societe Generale de surveillance) Group  of Companies. This was a positive move since SGS is a stable and solid ISO Certifying  Body recognized in local and overseas industries. This move has helped the company  improve its quality management system.   In the month of December 2004, SCMCI had transferred its location from 7th floor  to 1036 M.H. Del Pilar St., Ermita, Manila. Months of preparation prior to its transfer  made the clinic more leaner yet organized, enabling the clients to undergo all  examinations in one floor area in an efficient way.   This January 2006, the latest addition to the clinic’s technology is acquiring an  Automatic Blood Chemistry Analyzer known as Chemwell. This will enable the blood  chemistry testing become more efficient and accurate.   It is a daunting task to always provide quality services but with the present  technology and the concerted effort of the management and staff in adhering to its  mission of providing efficient and effective delivery of services to achieve total  customer satisfaction and equitable returns to all shareholders made it a reality.       
Our Mission Statement We will strive to provide efficient and effective delivery of services by working as  a team with highest standards of professionalism and dedication.  We will strive for total customer’s satisfaction, rewards and recognition for the  employees and equitable returns to our shareholders.  Vision Statement To be one of the leaders in providing healthcare services by maintaining our  professionalism, teamwork and integrity.   Quality Policy It is the policy of SAGRADA CORAZON MEDICAL & ALLIED SERVICES CENTER,  INC. to supply medical services of high quality, which consistently meet or exceed  our customer’s expectations and at the same time complying with all applied  Codes, Standards, and Regulations. This is implemented by our commitment towards continuous improvement and  maintenance of the effectiveness of our Quality Management System.